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What is an Online Church Community?

Online Church Community is more than just watching a live stream or pre-recorded video of a church service.  During our scheduled live events, each viewer can ask questions, comment, ask for prayer, and chat with other viewers.   Our goal is to make this online experience as close to the traditional gathering of Christians to worship God.  During live events, our online community is staffed with prayer hosts and greeters to help provide the best online church experience as possible.  


Does Online Church Community Replace Traditional Church?

Our answer is both Yes and No.  Many people feel more comfortable attending church online.  For whatever the reason, this is how they choose to grow and mature in their faith.  For reasons like this, we believe that a true interactive online church community could be equivalent to attending traditional church.

On the other hand, we believe that online church community works best in addition to traditional gathering of believers in-person.  Meeting together at events, house churches, and other gathering locations is a very important part of establishing a strong, healthy community of believers.

How to Interact during Live Stream 

Follow this link to our Live Stream Interactive site. It is an online church community. Click Here

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